What They Wish For

This is a sampling of what the kids' latest craze, passion or fancy might be.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kate's Birthday

Kate is turning 5 next month and I can hardly believe it! Our little girl is growing up way too fast.
We went to the kindergarten round up on Friday so that she could meet the teachers and have a tour around the school. It was too cute! She and I have been working on word recognition and playing some fun educational games and puzzles in an effort to get her ready for kindergarten. She loves them and doesn't even realize that she is "working". Isn't that the way it should be? I love seeing her light up when she realizes that she can read words in the story that I am reading.
For her 5th birthday we are going to have another pool party (kind of our tradition or her). Gramma and Grampa Hansen are going to be here for the fun times so we are pretty excited about that!
In case anyone is curious about what to get her, these are a few items on her wish list.
1. Curious George DVD
2. New Pink Bike (with 4 wheels)
3. Flip Flops
4. Trampoline
5. New lunchbox (She loves Hello Kitty)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Jackson's Birthday

As any parent can atest, children tend to suddenly remember a long list of things that they've "always wanted" when you walk into Target or a toy store. We handled those craving this year by having Jackson write the items down so that we could buy them when it was his birthday or Christmas. The strategy worked! Now here is the mish-mash of items that he has faithfully written down and kept tacked to the wall in his bedroom.
1. Floam
2. Water guns (one for me and one for Kate)
3. Magic Tree house books #29,30,31,32
4. Whopee cushion
5. Trampoline
6. New bike helmet
7. Nate the Great Books
8. A dog
9. Star Wars 5
10. Pedometer